The PC Lie with Marissa Alexa McCool

December 22, 2016 Episode 61

Hi and welcome to the Brainstorm Podcast Skeptic Studio where we do interviews, major topics, and news related to skepticism and atheism. I’m Cory and I have no panel. The crew is off for the week to spend the holidays with their family. I'm recording from home in Regina, Saskatchewan and today is December 22th, 2016. The Skeptic Studio is brought to you by Reasonist Ink, atheist, skeptic, and science based apparel. You can find them at My guest this episode is Marissa (Ris) Alexa McCool; host of the Inciting Incident podcast, blogger, and author of the recent book; The PC Lie, How American Voters Decided I Don't Matter

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Click through the image to get to Marissa's podcast

Click through the image to get to Marissa's podcast

Links from my chat with Marissa

This is the video of Marissa arguing with a street preacher

You can find Marissa's book on Amazon or email her at

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