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An Academic Talks Social Justice

Hey everyone, this is my interview with Edwin; a Phd candidate in sociology. I say in my commentary on this one that I didn't have time to do any background fact checking but eventually I did so most of the things that I thought needed to be verified are in the links below. Edwin also gave me a bunch of links and studies which are also available for you to read. 

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Social Justice With Dustin Dark

In this episode I interview Dustin Dark. Dustin has issues with social justice and does a pretty good job of explaining them in a way that probably resonates with a lot of people. There were a few things that needed links to them for clarification so those will be linked below. I also include a bit of commentary after the interview but not much because I think most of Dustin's concerns are answered in future interviews. This was another case where the guest felt that I was unfair to him after the interview by checking back on the facts he gave and attempting to refute his arguments. This lead me to start examining my way of formatting the show and longer intervals between episodes. 

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Social Justice With Randy Tyson

This is my full interview on social justice with Randy Tyson. This was a good conversation with some disagreement but not as much as you might think. Though in retrospect it seems that there was enough disagreement for contact with Randy to be cut off. I thought that I was fair and open with my disagreements after fact checking some of the things that Randy claimed but he felt differently. This is the way it goes sometimes I suppose. 

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