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Social Justice with Callie Wright

Only 2 years late, this interview with Callie Wright for the Hardcore Skeptic series on social justice is still as relevant and worth publishing as it ever was. Society hasn't suddenly fixed itself since we talked and if anything it's gotten more important that we talk about this stuff and acknowledge how much farther we still have to go.

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Social Justice and Humanism with Sincere Kirabo

This is episode 5 and I interviewed Sincere Kirabo who is the social justice coordinator for the American Humanist Association. It was educational and enlightening. In the months following this interview I've grown to admire Sincere and his commitment to social justice. He is a person who holds himself to a standard that many people do not but perhaps more of us should. 

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An Academic Talks Social Justice

Hey everyone, this is my interview with Edwin; a Phd candidate in sociology. I say in my commentary on this one that I didn't have time to do any background fact checking but eventually I did so most of the things that I thought needed to be verified are in the links below. Edwin also gave me a bunch of links and studies which are also available for you to read. 

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Social Justice With Trav Mamone

Here it is; the first real episode of The Hardcore Skeptic Examines. Over the next 20 or so episodes I'll be interviewing different people with different perspectives on different aspects of social justice.
The subject of social justice is one that garners a lot of controversy and in this series I hope that we can explore the different criticisms and answer them. Weigh the pros and cons, as they say. 
This is the first of the series and as a result isn't my best work. My guest, Trav Mamone of the Bi Any Means podcast and blog was gracious and informative. They unfortunately had to deal with my still novice interviewing technique. I included some of my post editing thoughts afterwards. I hope you enjoy it. 

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