An Academic Talks Social Justice


An Academic Talks Social Justice

The Hardcore Skeptic Examines Social Justice #4

Hey everyone, this is my interview with Edwin; a Phd candidate in sociology. I say in my commentary on this one that I didn't have time to do any background fact checking but eventually I did so most of the things that I thought needed to be verified are in the links below. Edwin also gave me a bunch of links and studies which are also available for you to read. 

My guest doesn't have a website or anything to promote so I'm just going to plug in all the resource links I have from this interview. There are a lot of them.ündel 

Interventions That Affect Gender Bias in Hiring: A Systematic Review:

Implicit sources of bias in employment interview judgments and decisions: 

Forgotten Racial Equality: Implicit Bias, Decisionmaking, and Misremembering: 

(This one is an examination of the ways in which implicit bias and unconscious bias can have the effect of biasing jury decisions in criminal cases, which has rather obvious relevance to discussions of racial bias in crime stats, among other things).

It's All in the Name: Employment Discrimination Against Arab Americans:

How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender bias (The Guardian):

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