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Magic Stickers and Women's Health

In this week's installment we discuss a women's health products again because apparently there's a lot of pseudoscience around that. Then we get into a little bit of men's health that isn't so wootastic before we talk about some magic stickers. Leo talks about a bill on immigration in Canada and then Cory talks about religious hospitals that are getting sneaky in their attempts to deny patients right to die. 

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I Scienced All Over That... and Now It's All Sticky

This one kind of jumped all over the place, supplements don't help kids with autism, some supplements contribute to liver disease, don't but ground up oak apples in your vagina, take your kids to the doctor instead of praying for them to get better, blasphemy laws being abolished, Imam's refusing to ritually bury the London attackers, and Ted Nugent gets away with some terrible shit while Kathy Griffin loses her job over a bad joke.

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