Easter Bread And Boobs

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Easter Bread And Boobs

Shift To Reason Radio #15

In this one we talked a bit about a recent court ruling about Catholic schools in Saskatchewan. We went off track a bit because we were so well behaved with our guest earlier. Then we went on to talk about a few other topics. 

Here are the links for this episode's stories

Saskatchewan ruling on Catholic schools could have far-reaching consequences


Court ruling bars Sask. gov't from funding non-Catholic students in Catholic schools


Judge rules Sask. government cannot fund non-Catholic students in Catholic schools


Long-running Theodore court case decides non-Catholic students won't be funded to attend Catholic schools


Saskatchewan can't give Catholic schools money for non-Catholic students: court


Provincial funding for non-Catholics attending separate schools violates Charter: judge


Court rules public dollars for non-Catholic separate school students unconstitutional


Saskatchewan’s landmark Catholic education ruling has Alberta officials watching closely


Don Morgan, School Board Associations respond to Catholic funding ruling


Minister says ruling means thousands of non-Catholics must change schools


Court ruling could force thousands of Sask. students from Catholic schools, education minister says


Should non-Catholic kids be allowed to attend Catholic schools?


Religious Nuttery

Cory’s Story


Woo Report

Leo’s Story

Angela’s Story

Destin’s Story

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