Getting to Know the Crew part 2

Jan. 20th, 2017

To those listening live or to our patrons, welcome back. For those listening weekly, welcome to Shift To Reason radio the Brainstorm production that focuses on science outreach and education. We’ll try our hand at teaching you a little bit about common skeptical topics, logical fallacies, errors in reasoning, as well as a bit about some religious apologetics You can listen live every second Friday at 8:30 pm Central Standard Time on Spreaker and you can get full length ad free episodes by becoming a patron at  For the Shift to Reason Radio portion tonight we’re going to spend a bit more time learning about each other. Last episode we talked to Leo, Lisa, and Rene about their road to where they are now and tonight we can hopefully get to the rest of the crew.

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Listener Feedback

Will sent us an email
First he apologized for not keeping in touch. He then went on to say that he though Jeremiah was a great fit for our show and that the out of the ordinary type of discussion we had was interesting. He also sent a list of his favorite podcasts which I’ll include in the show notes.
He mentioned a tradition called Yule which has all the normal Christmas stuff but without any of the religious connotations and recommended it. So that seems like something I’ll have to look into.


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I’ve been on a couple other podcasts lately. First I was on The Wayward Atheists Podcast where we discussed far right fascism so I’ll put a link to that in the show notes and I was just on The Inciting Incident Podcast and that will be out on February 3rd. I’ll post a link to that as well, as soon as it’s up.

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Thanks again and remember; The truth matters