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Earthbound Parents Talking Sports and Selling Bullshit

Three parts, one full live show. The Skeptic Studio in this one had Richard A Conn Jr. who is the author of the book The Earthbound Parent. The Rectable had us chatting about sports celebrities and the way society seems to react to them and Shift To Reason Radio had us cover religion, woo, and science. Special guest host Rob Ray joined Rene and Cory while Dave did double duty by sitting at the table and also doing the audio engineering.

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Periods, Shoes, and Sex and the City; The Ladies Take Over Brainstorm and Make Big Pharma Transparent

In this episode the women of Brainstorm take over. Angela takes the reins and Lisa, Cory, Rene, new host Basit, and the always amazing Dave had our patron, Will, on to get to know our top supporter. Then Basit talks a bit about finance and his thoughts on how debt can affect one's carbon footprint. 

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