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Talking Credibly About The State Of Norwegian Wood

The crew talked to The Credible Hulk, they talked about Trinity Western University and church/state issues in Canada and they talked about IQs, perpetual motion machines, and what Americans think god looks like.

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Secular Activism with Dan Arel / Spermomax

November 25th, 2016

Hi and welcome to the Brainstorm Podcast Skeptic Studio where we do interviews, major topics, and news related to skepticism and atheism. Angela is our host tonight and joining her on the panel are Leo, Rene, Lisa and special guest host Dan B. from our local CFI group, with the always amazing Dave doing sound. We're here in Roman Empire Studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and today is November 25th, 2016. The Skeptic Studio is brought to you by Reasonist Ink, atheist, skeptic, and science based apparel. You can find them at Our interview guest tonight is Dan Arel; author of Parenting without God and The Secular Activist; A How To Guide, as well as writer for the Danthropology blog on Patheos and host of the new Danthropology podcast. 


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