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Inquiring Seriously with Thomas Smith

January 20, 2017 Brainstorm Episode 63 - Skeptic Studio Episode 9

Hi and welcome to the Brainstorm Podcast Skeptic Studio where we do interviews, major topics, and news related to skepticism and atheism. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Destin, Angela, Leo, Lisa, and Rene, with the always amazing Dave doing sound. We’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and today is January 20, 2017. You can listen live every second Friday at 8:30 pm Central Standard Time on Spreaker and you can get full length ad free episodes by becoming a patron at Tonight’s guest is one of my favorite podcasters and is the host of some of the best podcasts out there. Thomas Smith hosts Serious Inquiries Only, Opening Arguments and Comedy Shoe Shine

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