Periods, Shoes, and Sex and the City; The Ladies Take Over Brainstorm and Make Big Pharma Transparent


Periods, Shoes, and Sex and the City; The Ladies Take Over Brainstorm

The Skeptic Studio #24

In this episode the women of Brainstorm take over. Angela takes the reins and Lisa, Cory, Rene, new host Basit, and the always amazing Dave had our patron, Will, on to get to know our top supporter. Then Basit talks a bit about finance and his thoughts on how debt can affect one's carbon footprint. 

Music from the break
Christmas in Washington” by Steve Earle
 “White Man in Decline” by Sarah Harmer
 “We Will Still Need A Song” by Hawksley Workman
 “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn   

original background fro Pixabay

original background fro Pixabay

Making Big Pharma Transparent

Shift To Reason Radio #23

In a bit of a change for us, we had a guest in the Shift to Reason Radio portion of the show. Ian Bushfield joined Angela, Lisa, Cory, Basit, Rene, and the always amazing Dave to talk about a recent paper he took part in, on the transparency of pharmaceutical companies. Then we talk about scotch taping the end of your penis as a contraceptive, and we briefly touch on the sexist google manifesto situation. 

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