Skeptical Comedy, Mother's Day, and More

Click through the image to get Ian's comedy special on Amazon

Click through the image to get Ian's comedy special on Amazon

Skeptical Comedy with Ian Harris

The Skeptic Studio #48

On this episode of The Skeptic Studio the crew (Cory, Angela, Rene, Brandon, Lisa and Dave) talk to Ian Harris aka The Skeptical Comedian. They talk about skepticism, comedy, #metoo, and why there seems to be an abundance of bad stand up coming out on Netflix and other streaming services lately. 

Mothers Day by Nick Youngson

Mothers Day by Nick Youngson

Mother's Day, Blended Families, and Identity

Rectable #3

In this episode of the Rectable, Angela takes issue with Mother's Day so Cory, Lisa, Rene, Brandon, and Dave follow where she leads. It makes for a great conversation. 

There aren't really any links for this chat as we all just kind of ran off the top of our heads.

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Hating Imaginary Characters

Shift To Reason Radio #40

In this episode of Shift to Reason Radio Cory, Angela, Lisa, Rene, Brandon, and the amazing Dave talk about a bunch of woo, some great stories under the F*** you category, and some legit science. You get almost double the stories this week. 

Here are the links

  Woo Report

Brandon’s Story- 

Rene’s Story -

Lisa’s Story -

Cory’s Story -

F*** You

Rene’s Story-

Angela’s Story -

Brandon’s Story -


Cory’s Story - 

Angela’s Story-