Issuing the Gaytheist Manifesto with Callie Wright

August 19th, 2016 Episode 52

Hi and welcome to the Brainstorm podcast. This is episode 5 and today is August 19th, 2016. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Destin, Angela, Rene, and Leo, with the always amazing Dave doing sound We’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan. Tonight’s show is brought to you by Reasonist Ink, atheist, skeptic, and science based apparel. You can find them at Tonight’s guest is Callie Wright, host of the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast, popular conference speaker, and LGBT activist.

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Check out Callie's podcast by clicking the picture

Check out Callie's podcast by clicking the picture

Callie was unable to join us until partway through the show so after the ad break we got her on skype. 

Here are some links where you can find her stuff.

Check out Callie's Facebook page the Gaytheist Manifesto Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @GaytheistCallie and @thegaytheists

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Leo’s Story


Skepticism 101 part 17: Breaking down the logical fallacies 11

Continuum fallacy (fallacy of the beard, line-drawing fallacy, sorites fallacy, fallacy of the heap, bald man fallacy) – improperly rejecting a claim for being imprecise

 informal fallacy . The fallacy causes one to erroneously reject a vague claim simply because it is not as precise as one would like it to be. Vagueness alone does not necessarily imply invalidity.

The fallacy is the argument that two states or conditions cannot be considered distinct (or do not exist at all) because between them there exists a continuum of states.

There are clearly reasonable and clearly unreasonable cases in which objects either belong or do not belong to a particular group of objects based on their properties. We are able to take them case by case and designate them as such even in the case of properties which may be vaguely defined. The existence of hard or controversial cases does not preclude our ability to designate members of particular kinds of groups.

Eg. Fred can never grow a beard

Fred is clean-shaven now. If a person has no beard, one more day of growth will not cause them to have a beard. Therefore Fred can never grow a beard.

                No amount of sand ever becomes a pile.
One grain of sand is not a pile. Adding one grain of sand doesn’t cause it to become a pile, therefore the sand will never become a pile.

More complex examples

When does Life begin and the anti abortion debate.

Atheism for Dummies part 16 – Apologetics part 4

Ever get started looking on Wikipedia and find out that you could follow the bread crumbs for a full month if you wanted to get all the details right. As a result, we’re only touching the very surface of any of these apologetics.

In his book Science SpeaksPeter Stoner argues that only God knows the future and that Biblical prophecies of a compelling nature have been fulfilled.[42] Apologist Josh McDowell documents the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by Christ, relating to his ancestral line, birthplace, virgin birth, miracles, death and resurrection.[43] Apologist Blaise Pascal believed that the prophecies are the strongest evidence for Christianity. He notes that Jesus not only foretold, but was foretold, unlike in other religions, and that these prophecies came from a succession of people over a span of four thousand years.[44]

Bonus Content : Suicide Squad....kinda

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