Talking Biotech with Kevin Folta

July 22,2016 Episode 50

Hi and welcome to the brainstorm podcast. This is episode 50 and today is July 22th, 2016. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Destin, Rene, and Leo, with the always amazing Dave doing sound and we’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan. Tonight’s show is brought to you by Reasonist Ink, atheist, skeptic, and science based apparel. You can find them at Tonight’s guest is Kevin Folta, Professor and chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida, host of the talking biotech podcast, outspoken advocate for biotech and favorite target of attack by anti gmo activists. 

Talking Biotech website

Talking Biotech website

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Rene’s Story

Leo’s Story

Music Break

The music break for this episode had three great songs in it, all about atheism in some respect. We played Best God In Show by NOFX, Listen To Reason by Bryan Steeksma, and Beyond Reason by Tombstone Da Deadman. 

Part two

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Cory’s Story


Religious Nuttery

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Skepticism 101 part 16: Breaking down the logical fallacies 9


Atheism for Dummies part 15 – Apologetics part 2

There are a variety of Christian apologetic styles and schools of thought. The major types of Christian apologetics include: historical and legal evidentialist apologetics, presuppositional apologetics, philosophical apologetics, prophetic apologetics, doctrinal apologetics, biblical apologetics, moral apologetics, and scientific apologetics


Historical and legal evidentialism

Various arguments have been put forth by legal scholars such as Simon Greenleaf and John Warwick Montgomery and others claiming that Western legal standards argue for the historicity of the resurrection of Christ. In addition, legal authorities' opinions regarding the resurrection of Christ are appealed to. Christian scholar Edwin M. Yamauchi and others use it to argue against the pagan myth hypothesis for the origin of Christianity.

Sherwin-White states:

For Acts, the confirmation of historicity is overwhelming. Yet Acts is, in simple terms and judged externally, no less of a propaganda narrative than the Gospels, liable to similar distortions. But any attempt to reject its basic historicity, even in matters of detail, must now appear absurd. Roman historians have long taken it for granted.... The agnostic type of form-criticism would be much more credible if the compilation of the Gospels were much later in time.... Herodotus enables us to test the tempo of myth-making, [showing that] even two generations are too short a span to allow the mythical tendency to prevail over the hard historic core.

For more information on mythicism and historical evidentialism you can look up the work of many secular historians like Bart Ehrman, Richard Carrier, and Robert Price

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