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April 15th, 2016 Episode 44 Hi and welcome to the brainstorm podcast. This is episode 44 and today is April 15th, 2016. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Destin, Angela, Rene, and Leo, with the always amazing Dave doing sound. We’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and tonight we’re joined by Aron Ra, Aron is the creator of the youtube series the foundational falsehoods of creationism and is one of the most popular speakers in the movement.

Aron Ra

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Woo Report


So the article for grape seeds is a bit of a mishmash of real facts and misinformation. First I want to point out the lack of sources, leaving the reader to go and find all the information for themselves. It’s almost as if the writer didn’t know what they were talking about. There is one source link at the bottom, unfortunately it doesn’t take you to an article discussing the subject at hand but the home page to Natural Healing Magazine where you’re left to search for the origin of the story on your own, again.  That’s ok though because the article from healthy living house is a 100% copy of the story from Natural Health Magazine. So we’re left to look this shit up on our own. Destin sent me a couple links to studies on grape seeds and their effect on cancer cells.

First we have a study on the website for the American association for cancer research. According to their wiki page they are the world’s oldest and largest professional association related to cancer research based in Philadelphia with over 34000 members in over 90 countries.  The study is titled Abstract 901: Grape seed extract decreases visceral adiposity and impairs the pro-tumorigenic adipose tissue secretions affecting colorectal cancer growth and progression and it took a little digging to find anything beyond the abstract. The thing here is that this is not a supplement study, this is a study of extract applied directly to cells. After reading far too much of this study I realized though, that this isn’t even the study that the article is talking about. This was a hell of a rabbit hole to dig through with tons of research into grape seed extract and its effects on different kinds of cancer cells. I couldn’t seem to get to the actual University of Kentucky study mentioned in the article but I did find a BBC article discussing the study that was fairly good, though with a click baity headlin. As near as I can tell, the study at the U of K that is talked about was from 2008 or 2009 and was the first time Grape seed extract has been tested on a blood cancer, in this case it was Leukemia. In the U of K study they introduced grape seed extract to leukemia cells in the hopes of activating a protein called JNK which can induce apoptosis in cancer cells. According to Kat Arney Cancer Research UK senior cancer information officer, “it’s still a long way from being a treatment that we can give to patients”. With some measure of success it seems like there may be something to the grape seed cancer treatment idea. I’ll include links to all those articles and studies as well as another study for its effects on colon cancer in the show notes. All in all, it took a lot of work to find out that there was a study done at the University of Kentucky that showed promising results in incorporating grapeseed into prevention and treatment of blood cancers and possibly other cancers. However, the article from Healthy Living House and Natural Health Magazine are both still wootastic and full of shit because they assert that, “the real truth is that we all know that there is a cure for cancer, but the big pharmaceutical companies decided to keep it secret” and that “this seed can cure any cancer in just a few days”

Religious Nuttery

10:15 pm music break – This episode I’ve got a couple really cool songs for the break. You might know that on April 1st God’s Not Dead 2 came out. The guys from the God Awful Movies podcast did an episode tearing it apart and Eli Bosnick one of the hosts got creative and did a parody of the stupid newsboys song from the first God’s Not Dead movie. It’s called God’s Not Dead (he was never alive)  Our second song is by another podcaster and awesome musician and is also a parody, George Hrab from the Geologic Podcast is a member of a band called the Philadelphia Funk Authority and they do weddings on occasion. He noticed that there’s always the father daughter dance and that they have to play one of these songs that counts as a father daughter song but they’re always super creepy and really kind of sexist so he wrote a cool kind of parody of them called Daddy's Little Baby Angel Cupcake Candy Butterfly‏. And lastly we’re going to play Bad Reputation by Joan Jett because we fucking can.

Daddy's Little Baby Angel Cupcake You can find George's podcast here>>>> Click to find George's podcast; The Geologic Podcast You can find God Awful Movies here>>> link-badge-music


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