Talking Sacred Cows with Seth Andrews

March 18th, 2016 Episode 42

Hi and welcome to the brainstorm podcast. This is episode 42 and today is March 18th, 2016. I’m Cory and my panel tonight are Destin, Angela, Rene, and Leo, with the always amazing Dave doing sound. We’re here in Roman Empire studios in Regina, Saskatchewan and tonight we’ve got a real rock star and one of the most popular atheists on youtube. Seth Andrews is a two time author and the host of the thinking atheist podcast. He’s on a level that all podcasters, youtubers, and conference speakers aspire to.


Thinking Atheist

Fuck you by Bad Religion

Mayhem by Halestorm 

Skepticism 101 part 10: Breaking down the logical fallacies part 4

Argument from repetition (argumentum ad infinitum) – signifies that it has been discussed extensively until nobody cares to discuss it anymore sometimes confused with proof by assertion

Atheism for Dummies part 9

Religion for atheists part 3 – Islam

Bonus material

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