Goofing off with Packard and Connie


Back in July I was on the Packard Pokes At podcast (see the links below) and had such a blast that we had Packard and Connie come on our show the next night. Unlike Packards show, we’re not live so I’ve been sitting on the file for awhile now. It’s been a crazy couple months since we recorded this, between dealing with some things with my mentally ill brother, my dad getting diagnosed with cancer, hiring someone new for the mail truck he drives, the kids going back to school, spending time with my girlfriend and planning the Shift To Reason conference; I’ve kinda been running my ass off. Now, Before we actually get into the show I just want to thank Packard and Connie for coming on the show. We had a lot of fun even though we weren’t very organized. 600x600bb-85




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And that’s all for the regular feed version of this episode. A big thank you to Packard and Connie for joining us. Sorry it took so long to get this out. Make sure you check their show out, just google Packard pokes at.  If you want to keep up to date with our show come on over and like us on Facebook at or follow us on twitter at brainstormpod. This show was recorded in Roman Empire Studios with intro music provided by Dave Roman and Alix Capper Murdoch and the outro music provided by Jason Comeau and can be found at . Go to and become a patron for just a dollar and episode. Any new patrons get a shout out in the next episode

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This episode’s podcast shout out goes to a few podcasts who have been promoting our local conference. I’ll play an ad for it at the end of the outro. A big thanks to the In The Name of God podcast, The legion of reason podcast and the atheist Nomads podcast. Thanks to everyone who shares the show and the conference. We’re hoping that maybe our little secular community can start making an impact.

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