The Hardcore Skeptic #4 - Interview with Jason Comeau


Hi and welcome to the fourth installment of the Hardcore Skeptic, the supplemental podcast to go with the Brainstorm podcast. In this episode I interview Jason Comeau of the youtube channel know the truth, atheists on air podcast, and the band A lost state of mind. My intention was to talk with Jason about music, something a bit different than our usual content. I really like his music and thought it would be great to kind of just talk about that for once. That day, right before the interview I saw a post of his on facebook and I had to ask him what was up. He’s a talented guy who’s very conscious of staying humble and thoughtful. It was a great chat and I hope you enjoy listening to it. If you’re a sound tech junkie then I think you’ll really enjoy this one.  Here you go, my interview with Jason Comeau on  June 25, 2015. cover



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Normally I wouldn’t put a song into a supplemental episode. Usually I don’t think they’re long enough to warrant it but this interview is almost an hour long and it’s mainly about music so to me, it makes sense to put a song in. I’m even going to ignore my under four minutes rule so that I can pick one of my favorites off the album Portsmouth. Honestly the title of the song really is what drew me to this one and I’m glad it did because I really enjoy it. I might even ask Jason if I can use this as our regular outro music. If you’re not into instrumentals but want to get back to the interview then go ahead and skip ahead around 5 minutes.  This is, I know it meant nothing, it just meant all the wrong things to me I’m still sinking I wish I could tell you how bad this really is.


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Ok, I hope you enjoyed our listening to my chat with Jason. He’s a very cool guy and I’m glad I got a chance to talk to him. I’m almost done a couple sets of show notes so look for that to come out soon and then there will be some notes for this episode.

I’ll actually give a few podcasters a shoutout here. I want you to check out the In The Name of God podcast, No Religion Required, and Skeptically Challenged. They’re all great shows with great hosts and definitely worth your time.

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We want to know what you love and hate about the show so if you’ve got any comments, criticisms, praise, accolades or corrections mail us at or click the contact tab. We will respond to your email.

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