Hardcore Skeptic #3 - Interview with Katie Gibbs of Evidence For Democracy

Hi and welcome to the newest installment of the Hardcore Skeptic, the supplemental podcast to go with the Brainstorm podcast. I’m your host Cory and in this episode I did a short interview with Katie Gibbs from the Evidence for democracy organization. I would’ve liked to have had the whole crew around to do this interview with me because they may have had questions I didn’t think of but we couldn’t make our schedules mix very well so I ended up doing it solo.  I think Katie was a great interview and I wanted to give her a bit of free reign to speak her. She was very informative and great fun to talk to. I also noticed that she was very diplomatic with some of her opinions. She’s much nicer to the conservative party than I am.  Sorry about the sound for this episode, I’m not sure why but I couldn’t get it to sound any better than this. I’ll definitely figure out a better way to record interviews next time. You can find more information about E4D at evidencefordemocracy.ca Evidence For Democracy


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If you want to go and check out Evidence for democracy you can find them at evidencefordemocracy.ca. They’re pushing back against the (former) anti science sentiment in the Canadian government and everyone should go and find a way to help them.

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