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So this has been a little while in coming. We recorded this episode back in June and then life got in the way of getting it out. Since then I interviewed Jason Comeau and posted that and then was on the Packard Pokes at podcast. You can go and find that at or search for Packard Pokes At on youtube.As for this episode we recorded at my house with Dave’s portable gear and the crew all made the trip to Weyburn so we could record.  This is episode 31, recorded on June 15, 2015.


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Med. Woo


Bad Science Reporting


and this is an article explaining the practice of releasing GM mosquitos in order to reduce the population without spraying

A little while ago I put out a call on twitter for music. I figured if there was some atheist band out there who wanted to share their music then I could give them a bit of a platform.  I’m starting to run out of ideas for music but am looking into getting a license so we can maybe expand the scope of music we play. I only got one reply from my call out and it was from a member of the band Modern Day Renegade. He gave me three song all of which I enjoyed but I picked Get Some because I like the aggression and intensity of it. If you remember a band called POD they remind me of that except not Christian. Great production, good sound and good attitude. I look forward to some atheist or skeptically themed songs coming from them in the future. You can find them at . This video is Fearless which is not the same song I played in the episode. There is no video for Get Some.

Modern Day Renegade

The Non-Conference

River City Reasonfest

AB Secular Conference

Saskatchewan Shift To Reason

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This episode’s podcast shout out is for an upcoming podcast from the maker of Quranify me it’s the Atheist Apocalypse podcast.

A couple things I need to mention first is the Non-Conference in Kitchener Ontario, tickets are available at and it’s happening on August 22nd. I think I’ve been saying the 21st because that’s the last day to get tickets. It’s only 2 weeks away and I’m sure it’ll be great. For interview with the speakers you can listen to the Atheists on Air beyond the trailer park podcast.

Then I need to tell you about the River City Reasonfest in Winnipeg, Manitoba on September 19 and 20th. They’ve got some great speakers that include Greta Christina, Tracie Harris and PZ Myers.  Tickets are available at

There’s also an event happening in Red Deer, Alberta on October 17th and 18th. The None of the above  Alberta Secular Conference features  Nathan Phelps, Sara Morehead and Matt Dilahunty as guest speakers. Tickets are available until Sept 18 at I’ll definitely have to post that one in the show notes.

I’ve got some kind of shitty news for fans of the show. Due to some issues in my family I am going to be taking on a lot more work for awhile and we won’t be able to produce new content. I won’t have the time to edit it and it will be difficult to get together as a group and record. I’m currently working on some format changes that could assist in making editing easier but until that happens we won’t be recording any new episodes. I’ve got one more episode to put out when I get around to editing it. Additionally, my work on the Saskatchewan Shift to Reason conference is being put on hold. We’ve been waiting on the dates for Reason Rally so we can recruit the best speakers possible and until those dates are announced the Shift to Reason is on pause. With any luck we’ll find out what’s up as soon as possible and I’ll be able to put in the time to finish organizing our first real conference. You can still go support the event at . That support will stay in place until we know more.

For any new listeners to the show, or for those who haven't checked out the website before I just want to let you know that everything is back to normal now. My work load is back to normal, my family issues are back to normal and even though these links are old there are new episodes and show notes coming out soon. For the most recent updates go to

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