2 Beards 1 Cup and Other Shitty Studies


This episode is about a month late. Our April recording session was a long one with lots of good bullshitting so I wanted to get all of it out in three separate episodes. This is the only group recording in May and we talked about some very shitty studies, including one that was actually about shit. We kind of randomly talked about body dismorphic disorder, a topic that I’d like to explore in depth some day if we get a chance and can find someone qualified to talk about it and we chatted a bit about atheism and the silly things theists think of us. This is episode 30, recorded on May 15, 2015. I’m Cory and joining me this time around were Mike, Rene, Destin and Dave. Shift To Reason 1 800 wide

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The music for this episode is something I’m very happy to share with you. The original recording of this episode was on May 15th but because I did my editing late I had already done a solo interview for an episode of The Hardcore Skeptic with Jason Comeau. Jason has been involved in a few podcasts and runs the Know the Truth (spelled konw the Trut) YouTube channel as Pastor Jay. He’s also a talented musician and sound tech and puts out music under the band name A Lost State of Mind. I’ll be releasing my interview with Jason as soon as I can but until then I’ll give you a small taste of his music. Here’s More Than Ever from the album Forever available at aloststateofmind.bandcamp.com.

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