Going Full Geek


Not exactly our most intellectual episode but we were just getting warmed up. In this one we talk about all the geek stuff. Everything from Batman versus Superman, to The Book of Mormon musical. With music from local band Third Ion and a clip from College Humor; I think this while not being the most high brow discussion, is one of our most fun episodes. Podcast shoutout for iFanboy, and information on The Non-Conference in Kitchener in August and a facebook page recommendation for Atheist and Skeptic podcasts. This is part two of a three part series that was all recorded in mid-April.  

Going Full Geek



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The music for this episode is from Third Ion, check out their website http://www.thirdion.com/ link-badge-music

This weeks podcast shoutout goes to a podcast that I really enjoy and is related to the geekish content that we talked about in this episode. IFanboy is a podcast about comics, they read them, they talk about them and they know more about comics than any group of people I’ve heard before.  According to their website their mission is simple; they like comic books and they like talking about comic books. Whether it’s examining notable comic book runs or a hidden gem of a trade paperback, attending conventions and interviewing comic book luminaries, or just talking about whatever is interesting in the industry, iFanboy has the world of comic books covered. https://www.facebook.com/ifanboy

I also wanted to talk about a new facebook page. Atheist and skeptic podcasts; a great page where you’ll be able to keep up to date with all your favourite podcasts from the skeptic and atheist community. Everything from Atheists On Air to atheist in the trailer park to Brainstorm. I also encourage my fellow podcasters to join the Atheists and skeptic podcasters group. You should be able to find it through the facebook search engine. https://www.facebook.com/atheistskepticpodcasts

Intro music created just for us by David Roman of Roman Empire Studios with voice over and effects by Alixcm.

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