There are no tracks for this train


Hi guys, once again it’s been around a month since we recorded but at least I’m getting this episode out before we actually record another one. There will be a couple episodes for sure and  maybe some bonus content out of this recording session so look for that in the coming weeks. In this one we tackled some old topics and some topics that were new when we recorded. We didn’t really stick to the topics too much but veered off on tangents whenever we felt like it. I think it made for a fun episode, even if it’s not terribly informative. This is episode 27 recorded on April 17, 2015 I’m Cory and talking with me are Rene, Raz and Destin. There are no tracks for this train

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Phil Roberston is an asshole

CNN did a special on atheists

Supreme Court of Canada rules against prayer at government meetings

Brad Wall is the reason we can't have nice things in Saskatchewan

And Taber, Alberta doesn't like swearing

The first article on facebook pages you should stop sharing from

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We kind of got onto the topic of sex work versus human (or sex) trafficking

and the rest was all about the facebook pages that you shouldn't share from (link above)

This episode’s podcast shoutout goes to Quranify me. I recently met Paul online in an atheist and skeptics podcast group and he seems like a very cool guy. His podcast started out as just him reading the quran. I even have it listed under a favorites list I titled, people reading those stupid religious books out loud. It’s blossomed into a full on interview and solo podcast about a variety of topics while doing well to keep close to the theme of islam and islam criticism. You can get episodes on Itunes or Stitcher,  or follow the show on Facebook and on twitter. Just for good measure, here's a link to his website too.

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