Ranting About Religion With Michael Sherlock

As many of you know we here at Brainstorm started a teespring campaign to sell shirts and raise funds so we can make a donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Well I’ve kind of been pushing it pretty hard. Messaging bloggers and podcasters to help promote it and harassing everyone I know to buy a shirt. With the campaign over I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word so far. Prominent atheist activist JT Eberhard let me do a guest blog post even though I’m a terrible writer. Podcasters from Skeptically Challenged, Cognitive Dissonance, Irreverent Skeptics, and The Herd Mentality have all given us a plug on their show or a share on their facebook page and I really appreciate it. A big thanks to everyone whose reserved their shirts, I’d give you shout outs by name but I’m never sure if people want their name in the public or not and a big thanks to one listener in particular who didn’t want a shirt but is sending a hundred dollars to donate. I can’t really find the words to properly express how appreciative I am to everyone. This is a cause that I really care about and I hope that we can help the CMHAwith what they do. Even if it’s just a little bit. But you guys didn’t download this to listen to me ramble on. In this episode, Mike, Rene, Destin and I talk to Michael Sherlock, author of the gospel of atheism and freethought as well as the I am Christ series. We managed to make our schedules mesh and he skyped in with us while we were in the studio. This is episode 20, recorded on October 25, 2014.

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michael sherlock
michael sherlock

It was a good chat that didn't really produce much need for links but we did talk about a couple things I can link to

Tropes.com and the television show Selfie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3549044/

Mr. Sherlock defended D. M. Murdoch against our previous guest Richard Carrier a little bit.


Then we talked a little bit about Human Rights for Atheists, Agnostics and Secularists.

human rights for AAS
human rights for AAS

Then we just spent some time ranting about religion because we don't like it. It was a great chat and we really appreciate Michael coming on the show.

Here's some links where you can find him.

Michael Sherlock's Atheist & Freethought Blog
Michael Sherlock Author Page

on twitter @sherlockmichael

Music in the episode was 10 Seconds From Panic by A Cult To Follow from the self titled album that is apparently incredibly hard to find. Here's a video with the song. 

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Paranormal Skeptic Academy

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