The Best Part Of Waking Up

Episode 15 is a pretty big deal. It's the only episode of August, we got a new logo and we got a new intro. Even so, it took me forever to get this episode out and it's going to be even longer before I get episode 16 out. We're on a bit of a break for September. Hopefully we'll be back in the swing of things in October. In this episode Me(Cory), Raz, Rene and Destin talk about everything we could think of from the news and a couple extra things.  The outro for this episode is a bit of a mess because I didn't use a script but the music worked out good. You can get this episode on Patreon or Gumroad and support the show

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A Pastafarian was trying to get his drivers license photo

A 9 year old girl replaces the word god in the Canadian national anthem

Kevin Sorbo is still an asshole




Police Militarization The song during the break is a version of  Happy by Pharel William that was rewritten by George Hrab of the Geologic podcast to be about James Randi of the JREF

Christy Mack got beaten up by her ex-boyfriend, War Machine

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe is being sued

Coffee Enemas are apparently a real thing that people are doing to themselves

Mike Adams of the site Natural News has gone off his rocker


And we finish things off with the Skeptical 12 step program by Steven Novella and George Hrab

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Intro music created just for us by David Roman of Roman Empire Studios, break song by George Hrab and outro music was Die Motherfucker Die by Dope from the album Life

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