In this episode number 13 me, Mike, Lana, Rene, and Dave corrupt the nation's youth by introducing Michael to some skeptical, liberal thinking. We spend some time talking about Tim Lambesis, the lead singer of As I Lay Dying, Doctor Mehmet 'Quack' Oz, nipples, science and politics in Canada, ethics and the Supreme Court of the US decision regarding Hobby Lobby. You can get the episode a full 24 hours early by purchasing it on gumroad or by becoming a patron on patreon.

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Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying claims that he was an atheist when he hired an undercover cop to kill his wife.

Doctor Oz gets taken to task a bit for his wild claims about weight loss products

Which brought us to the word natural on food products


The Nipple Controversy


Scientists fight back against an anti-science Conservative Canadian government

Evidence For Democracy

And then we trail off into politics land before the break

After the break Mike talks with us about different philosophical views of ethics. I was inspired to discuss this issue by listening to the Atheistically Speaking podcast with Massimo Pigliucci

And even though it was late and we were all a little drunk and a lot tired we still tried to chat about Hobby Lobby


Music for this episode was Waydown by Catherine Wheel off the album Happy Days and Best God in Show by NOFX off the album Coaster


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