misogyny is bad

First off me, Raz and Rene talk with David G. McAfee about his books and background and some of the stuff he's got going on. Then we move on to discussions about Elliot Rodger and misogyny, David Goyer and She-hulk, 15 questions atheists are sick of hearing and in what seems to be usual Brainstorm fashion we end up talking about porn.

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For a free sample copy of Disproving Christianity email disprovingchristianitypdf@gmail.com Or buy a digital copy from Amazon

David G McAfee wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_G._McAfee

This episode's featured atheist musician is Shelley Segal with the song Saved off of her album An Atheist Album available on Itunes After we hung up with David we got to talking about Elliot Rodger





and a bit about She-Hulk



Women in Refrigerators website

Then we tackle the worst questions atheists get asked


Some people are complaining about how atheists are portrayed in the media



And then we started in on some interesting science involving porn watchers


Here's the link to the CFI event page for the Regina Pride Parade https://www.facebook.com/events/784109704954067/

Also, I apologize for the completely uncreative and terrible title of this episode. I'm blaming a lack of sleep and a head cold.

Music for intro and outro was Debonaire by Dope from the album Felons and Revolutionaries

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