Episode 4 part one - I think your inner socialist is showing

In this episode Lana, Mike and Rene join me(Cory) to talk about some topics I found. In the first part we tackle a few different things from a bit about Duck Dynasty, to responsible journalism, to economic disparity. I'll be doing an entirely different blog entry for each part. You can listen to this episode >>>>here Download it >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>here

http://deadspin.com/i-was-an-nfl-player-until-i-was-fired-by-two-cowards-an-1493208214 Chris Kluwe's article about how he was fired from the Minnesota Vikings. http://www.esquire.com/blogs/news/we-broke-the-internet?src=soc_fcbks Luke O'Neil article discussing the downside of modern internet journalism

Click the picture for a link to Richard Wilkinson's TED talk on economic disparity.


Discussing education I decided it was ok to insult the majority of my podcast compatriots. :) This link is relevant to the monetary value of different types of education that we touched on during this episode and discusses why philosophy is a good choice in your education. http://dornsife.usc.edu/phil/undergraduate/

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