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The Brainstorm Podcast

The Brainstorm podcast originated as a singular show produced with the intent to spread critical thinking, skepticism towards fringe ideas, acceptance of scientific consensus, and fact based information. Over the years it has grown into multiple shows covering a broad range of topics and a conference that brings speakers from across the spectrum of skeptical activism to Saskatchewan.  


Brainstorm Live

Brainstorm airs live every second Friday from 8:30 pm Central Standard Time until 11:30 pm CST. Saskatchewan doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time so depending on your region that may vary compared to the show's air time. The crew starts off joined by a guest. This person can be an expert in their field or a member of the atheist and skeptic community. The interview is followed by a brief break and then an open discussion on one topic for the remainder of the first half of the show. At 10:00 pm CST there will be a music break of 12 to 15 minutes for the crew to wind down a little bit. Music is either provided by artists or is played under the radio license granted by SOCAN. For more details on SOCAN check out our page marked Music License. Following the break the crew covers a variety of news stories and takes a look at them through a critical lens. This 3 hour broadcast is no longer available after the live stream ends and becomes ad free content for patrons of the show. The first half is then released as The Skeptic Studio and the second half is released as Shift To Reason Radio. 


The Skeptic Studio

The Skeptic Studio is the first half of the live broadcast of Brainstorm. This will include interviews and major topics related to skepticism and atheism. Released the Monday after the live broadcast to both the Brainstorm RSS feed and The Skeptic Studio RSS feed. Usually between an hour and a half and two hours this is often a lot of fun with jokes and banter between the Brainstorm crew and their guest. It can often be controversial but always stays fun. If extra episodes or interviews are needed then this is where those will happen. 

Shift To Reason Radio

Shift To Reason Radio was started after the crew put on their first successful conference. The conference was titled Shift To Reason and the second half of the live stream is dedicated to educating and informing. This show has gone through a couple changes over the time it's been up and running. At one time it included a segment called Atheism for dummies and a segment called Skepticism 101 in which the crew would try to discuss and educate people on some of the basic ideas around atheism and skepticism. Over time this phased out and was replaced by more news coverage of different types. This is where you'll find segments like The Woo Report, Religious Nuttery, and WTF?!. Nearly always just the in studio crew this is a lot of fun and doesn't every really stay on track. This comes out one week after The Skeptic Studio. 

Skeptic Voices

Skeptic Voices is an attempt to get to know the people in our community on a more personal level. Interviewing different people in a one on one conversation about life. family, values, and all the rest. This is out once a month but is a bit different from our other content. Less issue driven and more people driven. This show is also available on both the Brainstorm Podcast RSS feed and on a Skeptic Voices RSS feed


The Hardcore Skeptic Examines

The Hardcore Skeptic Examines is an attempt to dig deep on one topic per season through research, commentary, and interviews. Originally meant to be one long docu-podcast with a few different perspectives included; the first season of this was so interesting that it turned into a series of over 20 interviews in less that 8 weeks. These interviews are being released as individual episodes with the intent being a commentary episode at the end of the series. The first subject covered is social justice. The intent is for season 2 to be about neurodivergence and atypical brain function. This show is released approximately every two weeks with old episodes being re-broadcast on the Brainstorm RSS feed approximately 5 months after they're released on The Hardcore Skeptic Examines feed. There's also a separate Patreon account for this project as it's meant to stand alone. 


Positively Skeptical


Still in the works; Postively Skeptical will take a sincere look at the credibility of claims. Not just to make fun of them or to prove them wrong but to take a hard look and try to prove through skeptical methods, that they are credible or plausible. No episodes of this are out yet but there is a spreaker page and an RSS feed. 


The Rectable


A new segment of the show called the Rectable where the crew has an open discussion on a topic or series of topics