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What's the deal with the yellow vest movement?

All in all, I think that most places in the world have some mixture of right and left political ideas and many agendas with the intent or even possibly the effect of changing things for the benefit of the working class. A couple places seem to have let the right take it over and completely co-opt the message. The UK at least has a counter movement trying to take back the symbolism while in Canada the best we seem to be able to muster is pointing out that the Canadian yellow vests are not working for anyone or anything but are really just a collection of racists and idiots who don’t like our Prime Minister. 

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What's the Deal with Rape Culture?

There are different takes on what causes rape culture with some claiming that it is about power and dominance while some others disagree and claim that there is no single cause but that it can be rooted in other social aspect of culture. This idea wasn’t fleshed out entirely in my reading, but it may tie to the previously mentioned acts of sexism in which some men consider themselves entitled to women’s bodies or they have such a denigrated view of women that they barely consider them to be people with autonomy.

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