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What's the Deal with Fascism?

So, who are the modern fascists? Well, if you look online you might see some people talking about race realism or race science. You might find people comparing slaves to drug dealers and espousing the value of having a whites only nation. If you go into the boards on 4-chan or 8 chan you will find them in there pretending they’re sharing nazi memes ironically or giving pointers to each other on keeping a low profile until the time is right. In 2017 they marched in the city of Charlottesville. They are the Alt-right, the Proud boys, and the KKK. You’ll find some in red hats chanting build the wall,  and I think it’s fair to say that in Canada they’re wearing yellow vests. Jair Bolsonaro is currently in charge of Brazil and plans to wipe out the indigenous peoples in the region so he can sell off Brazil's valuable rain forests.

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What's the deal with the yellow vest movement?

All in all, I think that most places in the world have some mixture of right and left political ideas and many agendas with the intent or even possibly the effect of changing things for the benefit of the working class. A couple places seem to have let the right take it over and completely co-opt the message. The UK at least has a counter movement trying to take back the symbolism while in Canada the best we seem to be able to muster is pointing out that the Canadian yellow vests are not working for anyone or anything but are really just a collection of racists and idiots who don’t like our Prime Minister. 

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Some Basic Leftist Politics

I just want to add a short summary to this so that if the structure of my explanations is bad people can still understand the basic premises of what I’m getting at.

1. Socialism is the idea that workers should be in control of the means of production and should benefit from their labor.

2.Anarchism is the idea that we can have a society built on cooperation without hierarchies or coercion

3.There are a number of suffixes that can follow the prefix anarcho (which just speaks to the anarchism aspect) some of these suffixes can include syndicalist, communist, feminist, naturist, or any number of other philosophies that can be attached to anarchism. In this blog I have only addressed socialism and capitalism.

4.Libertarianism is historically a left wing philosophy that centers on liberty and freedom, as well as the abolition of capitalism and private property. North American right wing style libertarianism is a subversion of that in which wealthy capitalists lobby existing governments to reduce limitations on corporate power.

5.Anarcho-capitalists and right wing libertarians are not anarchists or libertarians.

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